Are You Wealth Conscious?

If you want be healthy, you should be health conscious. Pretty obvious, right? I mean, you need to think health all the time. Chances are if you’re not conscious of health, then you probably won’t be able to reach or certainly maintain an optimum level of health. No, in order to be in optimal health, you need to be always conscious of what you’re eating and what your doing with your body. Look at top level athletes, body builders, fitness coaches, etc….they are constantly thinking about health and healthy eating and exercise habits. A health consciousness leads to a healthy individual.

It follows then that to become wealthy, one must develop a “wealth consciousness”. I think this is where a lot of people miss the boat. People get that to be healthy, you have to be health conscious; but don’t necessarily get that to be wealthy, you have to be wealth conscious. Just as a health conscious individual feeds his or her body the right types of food, a wealth conscious individual should also feed him or herself the right types of wealthy food, in the form of thoughts. A wealthy person thinks thoughts of wealth and prosperity all the time. They do not think about being poor or having no money, anymore than a healthy person thinks about eating some fried fast food.

There’s a famous quote, “You bring about what you think about.” A simple statement, but very true. It really is all about how you think.

Now, I have to add a caveat. This “consciousness” is only half of the picture. To be healthy, it’s not enough to just be health conscious. You have to do certain things (eat healthy and exercise) daily and habitually. The same holds true if you want to be wealthy. Having a wealth consciousness is only a part of it. You’ve got to do certain things too, daily and habitually. (Read some financial books, get some investing advice, start a part time business, earn some extra money, etc.) The point is when you do these things and think like a healthy or wealthy person, your chances of success go way up.

Here’s to a healthy, wealthy you!

Jim Sereney

p.s.  I’m no expert in becoming healthy OR wealthy. These are just some observations I’ve made and I like to share my points of view. I’m constantly learning and always open to discussion. Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you think.


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