Okay, first thing first… I need to apologize for the length of time that has passed since I posted the 24 Traits of a “Drifter”. I promised I would post the traits of a Non-Drifter, but it’s been an obscenely long time since then, and I feel I need to apologize for that.

Anyway, I suppose it’s better late than never… right?

These are taken from the book, Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. I discuss the background of this book in the Drifter post. I definitely recommend the book, and encourage everyone to read it.

So if you haven’t read the post on the 24 Traits of a “Drifter”, please do so (just click on the title) and then come back to this one.

Here’s the description of a “non-drifter”, something we should all strive to become.

  1. He is always engaged in doing something definite, through some well-organized plan which is definite. He has a major goal in life to which he is always working, and many minor goals, all of which lead toward his central scheme.
  2. The tone of his voice, the quickness of his step, the sparkle in his eyes, the quickness of his decisions clearly mark him as a person who knows exactly what he wants and is determined to get it, no matter how long it may take or what price he must pay.
  3. If you ask him questions, he gives you direct answers and never falls back on evasions or resorts to subterfuge.
  4. He extends many favors to others, but accepts favors sparingly or not at all.
  5. He will be found up front whether he is playing a game, or fighting a war.
  6. If he does not know the answers he will say so frankly.
  7. He has a good memory; never offers an alibi for his shortcomings.
  8. He never blames others for his mistakes, no matter if they deserve the blame.
  9. He used to be known as a go-getter, but in modern times he is called a go-giver. You will find him running the biggest business in town, living on the best street, driving the best automobile, and making his presence felt wherever he happens to be.
  10. He is an inspiration to all who come into contact with his mind.
  11. The major distinguishing feature of the non-drifter is this: He has a mind of his own and uses it for all purposes.

Keeping in mind Napoleon Hill wrote this in 1938, it still carries a lot of weight and it makes you realize that, although a lot has changed since then, people really haven’t changed much. If you’re into personal development or improving yourself, I recommend grabbing a copy of Outwitting The Devil.

Until next time,


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