What’s YOUR Business Card Made Of?

One of my favorite places to visit is the book store. I love those big book store chains because they have such a great and diverse selection in almost any category, and because I can also look at some of the latest in music, not to mention get a good cup of coffee.

While I was perusing some titles in the business section recently, I noticed some business cards lying around on a couple of the shelves, and on the floor. Obviously, someone had decided this might be a good way to get some new prospects for their home business opportunity….but is it?

I realize there are people out there in the network marketing profession that use this tactic to try to get new leads, but come on people – is that really working for you?

I think we need to be more professional than that. Your business card is an extension of you. It is your introduction to the world, another’s first impression of “you”. When you give your business card to someone, treat it as if it’s a piece of gold you’re giving them. They should feel privileged to receive it. The more value they place on your card, the more value they will place on you, and in turn, your business. If you scatter your card everywhere and anywhere, it lessens the value of it, thereby lessening the value of you and your business.

Who would you value more – the guy whose card you found in your windshield, or the guy whose card was handed to you in a personal conversation?

If we want the Network Marketing profession to become more mainstream and more accepted, then we have to treat it with more professionalism.

Having respect for your business means having respect for yourself. Don’t cheapen your image by throwing your business cards all over the sidewalk. Treat your cards with the respect your business deserves. Be selective where you hand out those pieces of gold.