SHOW, Don’t Tell!

I read a great blog the other day over at

It was written by Steve Kamb, and the title of the post was “How to Blog Like Bond. James Bond”. You can view it here.

Mr. Kamb demonstrates the importance of combining skill with confidence and style (like James Bond) in your blog posts. One point that he made really stuck with me and that’s what I want to talk about today.

He states that “a little modesty can go a long way”, and I couldn’t agree more. We never see James Bond brag about how good he is – he just IS!

I continue to notice an ever-increasing plethora of experts and gurus, especially on the internet, most of whom are “self-proclaimed” experts and gurus. People that brag and boast about how great they are, are generally looked down upon in real life, so why should the internet be any different? People want to follow leaders who get the job done, not those who say they get the job done. Talk is cheap, in fact it’s probably the cheapest thing in the world. And how can something so cheap have any value? It can’t! It’s only actions that have value.

I think there are 3 types of people in regards to this: There are those who talk and do nothing. There are those who talk and do something, and there are those who don’t talk and do something. (I suppose there is a fourth type – those who don’t talk and don’t do anything, but we don’t really need to pay any attention to that group). The first group are often the loudest and the ones we hear first, but it’s usually just a matter of time before we realize who they really are. The second and third groups will both get the job done; however, that second group will also keep telling you how great they are, while the third group will beĀ  more likely to build you up instead of themselves. To me, that’s what real leaders do!

So, let’s not tell people how great we are, let’s show them!