“Well, with MY luck….”

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “Well, with my luck, (insert something bad or unwanted here).” Chances are you’ve even said it yourself.

While they my seem like harmless words that don’t mean anything, the fact is they do mean something. We should always be aware of our “self-talk”, and what we say and think, because that is what will determine our life experience. Remember: “thoughts become things”.

When you say things like, “with my luck, it won’t work out” or, “with my luck, it’ll blow up in my face”, you’re actually saying, “I have bad luck!”, “Nothing ever goes my way!” What happens then is your sub-conscious mind starts to believe what you’re saying, and works on making it a reality.

Next time try to catch yourself before you utter that phrase, or better yet, replace the negative with a positive. Say, “With my luck, things will work out perfectly” or, “with my luck, I’ll find exactly what I was looking for at that store.” Just make the last half of that sentence whatever it is that you want.

Some food for thought. Stay positive!

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